Connect any printer to your homepage

I recently had a very exciting client project where I’ve created a theater booking system and one part of the requirements was a connection to their ticket printer.

Cause it’s a client project I will not post some code in this article. It just describes my way throught this project, the ways I took, the reasons and what I’ve tried with or without success. When I reference any free library or documentation it’s linked.


PHP Warning: mysql_connect(): Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server;

For some reasons we have very old hard and software here at work.
I had the problem that we’ve upgraded our database servers from MySQL 4.x to MySQL 5.x.

But there is a very old provisioning tool which does not support PHP5 and so we’re stuck with an old PHP4 and a new MySQL 5 Database.
If we try to connect to the database the following error occures:

PHP Warning:  mysql_connect(): Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server;

I know, the only correct way is to change our program to support PHP5, but there are no resources left for this change and this is not my decision.


Installing optware on your PogoPlug

Because I got a very good offer I’ve ordered a PogoPlug as cheap NAS.
PogoPlug comes with a very good preinstalled software and you can manage nearly everything by the feature rich web frontend.

But there are a few things I’ve realized too late.

  • The preinstalled software is closed source.
  • There’s no FTP, Samba or similar interface.
  • To enable multiuser support and password protected folders you have to pay a fee.


pUPnP – A PHP UPnP media controller

At the moment I’m working on an opensource UPnP client which allows to see media sources and renderer in two columns next to each other and makes it simply to specify which media should be streamed to which device.

The idea was born because I’ve recognized that I’ve a few UPnP compatible devices at home and I wanted to be able to control them from my tablet PC.


Welcome to my blog

For my first post I’d like to present me and my current projects in a minute.

My name is Mario and I’m living in Graz, Austria.
I’m working fulltime as a software engineer for an austrian ISP and have my own business licence.
My own company is called

In this blog I’ll post about my adventures with my projects while planning, development and further support.
For long view I want to use this blog as another source for coding relevant questions.

My main programming languages are PHP, JavaScript, Java and Python.